Adaptive clothing that makes a difference


Designed for you

Adaptive clothing that meets your daily needs


We know how difficult getting dressed on a daily basis can be for a person with reduced mobility or loss of autonomy. In order to simplify this task, we have designed clothing that can be put on and removed easily with the help of hidden snaps.


Designed for caregivers

Adaptive clothing that improves the quality of life of your loved ones


Assisted dressing allows caregivers to easily dress their loved ones facing physical or cognitive difficulties, without pain or discomfort.

Their well-being comes first, which is why Martinette's adaptive clothing is designed to improve their quality of life by making them more comfortable and simplifying their daily lives.


Designed for health staff

Adaptive clothing for easy and stress-free caregiver assisted dressing

Discomfort can quickly arise with assisted dressing of aging seniors or people with cognitive impairment. With their practical adaptive design, our clothes simplify the daily work of caregivers and professionals who dress them.