Our mission


To improve the quality of life and well-being of people leaving with a loss of autonomy or reduced mobility, by offering clothing adapted to their needs.



A story of love and compassion



Seeing someone you love lose their autonomy when you have known them otherwise is an experience that causes a lot of sadness and frustration. Like you, we have experienced it.

Love and compassion guided the development of the brand Martinette, because it's the little pleasures in life that can still make a difference. Wearing clothes that we like and in which we recognize ourselves is part of that.

Our collections are made in the spirit of loungewear clothing; contemporary, relaxed and cozy. We accord particular importance to the choice of neutral, soft colors, as well as to comfort and femininity.

Our goal is to create clothes that enhances your loved one‘s well-being and comfort.

Ethical and responsible, Martinette plans to launch 2 to 3 collections per year, produced in Quebec in small quantities to reduce waste.

We hope you will like our clothing - made with love for you





What sets us apart

Our products are made locally.

In addition to all the environmental benefits, buying locally stimulates the economy and creates jobs, which is why our clothing is 100% designed and made in Quebec.

Our clothing is made in an ethical and responsible way.

We place great importance on offering you high-quality adaptive clothing made from environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics.

In addition, the workers who make your clothing have safe working condition, fair wages and they are treated equally in a respectful environment.

Our products are stylish and contemporary.

We aim to create clothing with simple and elegant designs that enhance your well-being and self-esteem.

The "adaptive" concept is discreet.

Our clothing doesn’t look like adaptive clothing: they are stylish, functional and provide great comfort.

Our team is available and attentive to your needs.

It is always a pleasure for us to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us!